"Phone" – Android Caller Dialer app from Facebook

Posted On 31 Mar 2015

Facebook are going to introduce a new “Caller dialer” app for Android phones. This new app appears to be not only a dialer, but a caller ID and blocker as well. This can be used instead of Android phone dialer and may have the features like “Truecaller” app. It also include the features that shows you info about who is calling and automatically blocks calls from commonly blocked numbers.

The name (phone) of this app will confuse the users with system app and Facebook caller dialer app. We can assume that Facebook will be packed with other features for this app such as quick calling access to friends and contacts on the social network, display the profile data when someone calling etc.

If Facebook introduce an app, there is no doubt about its success it will be most common one, because currently they have 1.39 billion active users (December 31, 2014) and users will accept any useful stuffs linked to their Facebook account. Here the caller ID feature will helps to identify who is calling you even the number is not available in your contact list, most of the users have their phone number saved in their Facebook profile.

Let’s see what will be the plan of Facebook team to introduce such an app like this. Android police is the source of this information. This news couldn't be seen anywhere officially.